Sabine Havenstein Photo It isnĀ“t enough to go to a river wanting to fish, you have to take a net as well. Chinese saying

From mental barriers to opportunities.
Accentuate the positive.

Decision makers in the global business environment have to work on all levels with partners from different cultures. In spite of speaking the same language misunderstandings arise reducing the chances of success. Get to know and understand your counterpart better. With ten years of experience working abroad I can offer you intercultural consulting based on practical knowledge.

Overcome barriers – leverage differences.

Communication problems and a lack of intercultural understanding frequently lead to misunderstandings that jeopardize important projects or even cause them to fail. If you become aware of the danger you are in a position to take positive action. We start by identifying possible sources of conflict, build on available resources and work on creating solutions. My consulting work will enable you to successfully cope with the intercultural challenges facing your company and as an added benefit provide you with useful tips, food for thought and behavior strategies.

When people with different levels of experience get together there are often positive synergy effects. Make use of this opportunity.